Progress Update: So I’m Not Quite Ernest Hemingway

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? If you call week a “while”, which I do, and yes. I don’t really have much to say in the way of why I disappeared, but I can tell you what happened in between this progress update and the last one. So let’s get started on that.

The first thing I should mention is how just a week ago, I turned 21 years old. For the most part, it was pretty fun, and it was really nice to spend some time with friends and family before I a lapsed back in my “student identity”, which is less of an identity and more of me just disappearing for weeks at a time and occasionally emerging from my room to gather snacks. Hey, if it got me a 3.9 GPA in high school, then something’s working.

Unfortunately, this wonderful event collided with the now very real idea that I am going to be in serious debt for the foreseeable future. Fun, right? Here’s a quick tip: never let these two facts collide. If you can help it, just don’t think too hard about the idea of being both A. in serious debt, and B. being able to legally consume alcohol at the same time. If you need any more pieces to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of why I was gone for more than a week, I’ll make some for you just as soon as I finish erasing the memory of what tequila tastes like while simultaneously reminding myself to never taste it ever again.

In other news, I upgraded my equipment! Since I use dictation for the majority of my writing, I figured it was about time to look into a better microphone. A very generous uncle of mine ended up buying me a Snowball Blue microphone, and I’ve started using Dragon Naturally Speaking rather than the basic Windows speech recognition software I had been using, and it’s made a tremendous difference in quality and the speed in which I can make content with. (As unprofessional and unfiltered my posts may seem, it actually takes a lot of editing to get it to that level of legibility. Trust me, you don’t want to see the kind of stuff that I spew out at three in the morning when I remember that I have a blog.)

In my absence, I’ve also stocked up on plenty of reference books and done some serious reading. The benefit of this is that I’ll be able to contribute to my “two pages of books read in a year” journal, but since I decided to read the books at the same time rather than take them on individually, I don’t have anything in terms of written results. But hey, everyone has their own method. It’s kinda like how people who train for sprints will often stop in the middle of a run to walk over to another arena and then start on that sprint, before going on to start that marathon they always wanted to do, and then, of course, it’s back to the 5K that they were running with their family, because you gotta run for fun sometimes, you know? No? They don’t do that? Well, how the fuck have I been running this entire time?

I’ve also been practicing driving lately (Sober, mind you. I’m not that big of a prick.) During this time, Cassandra has been both a beacon of hope and a warning of dangers to come. I say this as I am coming off of the heels of a three day long “dispute” where the car shut down 40 miles from my house, would not start in 96° weather, had to be towed back to my grandfather’s garage, and then all of a sudden started working the very next day. So far we haven’t had any other issues, but the rate at which it went from “junk” to “it was just a prank, bro” has me understandably worried. During the times that I didn’t drive it, I was not given any trouble, but I can still feel it giving me the side eye whenever I make too sharp of a turn. Given that my only other option for passing a driver’s test is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire with a back windshield smaller than my index finger, I’m under the impression that it’s Cassandra or bust.

Now, onto the good stuff. From the moment that I finished the Gamer Girl reviews and up until this post, I had been thinking about nostalgia and why I clung on to certain concepts or pieces of art in the past. To the bigger things that are used to obsess over, and to some extent I still do obsess over, is animation and thrift stores. Truthfully these ideas don’t have a lot of common ground, past my strangely emotional attachment to both of them.

That’s why I wanted to make two different projects, with one project focusing on those small-scale animation projects on YouTube that I used to watch constantly, and another centering around reviews on books that I found in thrift stores, wholesale markets, and the occasional Barnes and Noble if I find the book to be particularly exceptional. For the moment I’ve named both of these projects “I Don’t Know Anything About Animation” and “Bookstore Diving”, but one of those names is a little more temporary than the other and is likely to change at any time.

I don’t have a lot much else say, given that a lot of what I’ve accomplished consisted of planning content but not creating it. As of today, it will be 20 exact days until I start college, and I don’t feel nearly as nervous as I think I should be. Sure, the idea of taking out so many loans makes me more than a little uncomfortable, but the idea of going back to school almost feels natural. I guess it helps to have that “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” personality with school, where I can just flip a switch and become a social recluse who thinks about nothing but studying and basic self-preservation. How fun!

The next post should come on the regular weekly schedule, as long as I remember to forget about all the other responsibilities I have as a living person, which should be easy enough. If you aren’t following the blog, then it might be in your best interest to do so. I definitely don’t post enough to fill your email like a desperate spambot, and you’ll get notifications of when I do finally crawl out of my well and shame humanity.

I’ll see you guys again real soon.

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