Baby Driver: Why Sound Design Matters

When I was about ten years old I was given a Walkman CD Player. Well, sort of. It was a knockoff version with a plastic grey appearance and one widening crack on the side that eventually scratched all my CDs and would skip on songs if you held it the wrong way. I received it […]

Gamer Girl: Mono no aware (Part 3; Final)

Not too long ago I finished a show called Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which revolves mainly around the relationship between an overworked programmer and a dragon who can shapeshift into a human. This dragon works as a maid for that human in return for them saving her from a life-threatening injury. I say “relationship” because […]

Gamer Girl: Happy Birthday Maddy! (Part 2)

So there’s this fanfiction that I like a lot. It’s called “Happy Birthday Shadow!” By a user who used to call themselves Shadow the Hedgehog4. It’s a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction that is not all that interesting as a story, but it’s a story that I find myself reading more often than I read some […]